– Conduct regular 1:1 meetings with the people you manage.
– Coach and mentor others, both inside and outside your team.
– Help people to define their professional goals and put in place what they need to achieve it.
– Coordinate with other Tech Leads to have a common technical strategy across the product.
– Be an ambassador of good practices and team culture.
– Lead by example.
– Keep up to date with relevant technology areas.
– Develop platform related services and integrations to evolve our platform taking into account extensibility, throughput and scalability.
– Follow Agile values and principles. We break product development work into small increments so we can add value sooner.
– Be data driven. We use metrics to guide our development and validate new functionalities.


– Experience in people management.
– Extensive experience with object-oriented programming (extra kudos for Java).
– Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks.
– Complex problem-solving ability. Innovative and creative thinking.
– Strong SQL knowledge.
– Experience building REST APIs for HA/scalable systems.
– Experience with performance tuning and analysis tools.
– Academic background in Computer Science or STEM fields is OK but not exclusive.
– You are proactive. You create or control a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.
– You have strong verbal and written English communication skills.
– Excellent interpersonal skills. Willing to improve and learn every day.
– Prefer proven experience developing transactional, high-volume eCommerce, hosted web applications.